A Couple in a Forest

The first of what will be quite a lot of art. I paint when I don’t feel well. The sadness seems to manifest itself as better quality work for some reason. It’s not a process I can fully explain. Fans of Duma Key, by Stephen King might grasp what I’m getting at. It just sort of happens.

Acrylic on A3 canvas, 08/12/2019

I borrowed HEAVILY from a painting I watched someone on YouTube paint a while ago, up to and including the compositional elements, because I found myself really liking the style and the way they did the trees, and this was more a test to see if I could. Using acrylics, mine ended up being very lumpy too, which also makes it fun to touch, as well as look at. It took maybe 4 hours, and I want to do more like this in future.

Published by artandsadness

A three-way mix of paintings, talking about mental health and anonymous anecdotes from my job

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